Have you been wondering what your purpose is?  Where God is calling you?

Discovering God’s Purpose is now available! This easy-to-use journal was designed to help the busy woman connect to the plan God designed for her.  Learn more about the book and video series by clicking HERE.


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Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Traveler

Vicki has spoken internationally on topics of leadership, stress management, rewiring your thinking, and women’s issues. She has conducted stress management training for relief workers in hot spots around the world and worked with Empower Women Leaders to design and implement The Women’s Bucket Brigade. A grassroots project that equipped Liberian women to train neighbors in Ebola prevention, along with the distribution of buckets and disinfectants. 

From My Video Blog

 A weekly 5-minute or less UN-DE- TERRED challenge for women—discussing issues about who we are, our strengths, and our concerns. Ending with a challenge to live life to our full potential.  Click on the picture to go to the videos.


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