Discovering God's Purpose

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Discovering God’s Purpose: Connecting to God’s Plan for Your Life 4-week course is designed to help you connect with the story God has written for your life. Here is what you will get: 4 videos: Week 1: Connecting to God’s Plan Week 2: Awakening Your Story Week 3: Standing Against Diversity Week 4: Stepping into Your Story of Faith The downloadable e-journal, Discovering God’s Purpose: A Guided Journal Connecting Me to God’s Plan for My Life The 4-week journal corresponds with the videos and includes Scripture verses, stories, prayers, ready-to-color doodles, and thoughtful prompts to help you delve deeper. Elle and Vick also share their personal stories about God’s calling on their lives and include pages at the end of each week for you to write your story and jot down notes. Our prayer is this series will help you slow down and reflect on the purpose God has planned for YOU!

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Vicki Kloosterhouse
Vicki Kloosterhouse



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